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Carole Browne
Carole Browne is a professor of biology at Wake Forest University. She received a BS from the University of Hartford and a PhD from Syracuse University. She did postdoctoral fellowships at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill before coming to Wake Forest. Her area of research is cell biology, and she has taught bioethics courses previously that were targeted to non-science majors as well as to biology majors. Dr. Browne was awarded the Reid-Boyle Award for Excellence in Teaching at Wake Forest.
IBE – Wake Forest University
Professor Carole Browne
Summer 2014 Sections Section 1
Start Date: 06-09-2014
End Date: 08-08-2014
Tue 8:00pm - 9:20pm EST
Thurs 8:00pm - 9:20pm EST
Section 2
Start Date: 06-09-2014
End Date: 08-08-2014
Mon 1:30pm - 2:50pm EST
Wed 1:30pm - 2:50pm EST
Credits 3.0
Availability All Students